Year Groups: Year 6

‘WASPS: Lessons are so fun it’ll make you want to learn. Expressive, creative and always willing to work. Express yourself through art. Imaginative, creative, committed WASPS! Buzzing about all day!’

Welcome to Year Six!

A warm welcome to Year 6 from Mrs Book, Mr Melville, Mr Brinkworth and Ms Novak. Our three classes, 6B, 6M and 6Br, are based in Upper WASPS and we are supported by Mr Reed, Mrs Church, Mrs Anderman, Mrs Pirways, Mrs Raine, Miss Bullock, Mr Pile and Madame Robine. We have a broad and inspiring curriculum which is based on our topics we cover over the year. These topics include: ‘The Victorians’ and ‘World War 2’. In the Summer Term, we have the incredible opportunity to visit France, which is linked to our WW2 topic and is always a standout memory for many of our children. Being the oldest year group in the school, we enjoy being role models for all the other year groups and receive many extra responsibilities as a result, such as: ‘Year 0 Friends’, ‘Year 2 Readers’ and ‘Hall Monitors’.

Year 6 Teachers’ names 2019-20

6B – Mrs Book

6M – Mr Melville

6Br – Mr Brinkworth

English Specialist – Mrs Novak

Other Key Adults in Year 6

Mr Reed

Mrs Church

Mrs Anderman

Mrs Pirways

Mrs Raine

Miss Bullock

Mr Pile


We will put up each half term’s spellings on the website from January. Spelling lists should be learned on a weekly basis and used as part of a sentence focus task. We also please ask you to read with your children each night at home too and record their reading in their reading record.


Over to Bethlehem

Yesterday, Year 6 walked up to the Weston All Saints Church to perform their Christmas Nativity Plays. Year 6 classes all performed their own Christmas shows with a little twist. The nativities were a great success! Everyone who took part in the play was a star and the parents loved it. The plays involved a game show, and then over to Bethlehem for an outside broadcast.

In the studio, the Quizmaster/Mistress asked questions to all four quiz contestants. In Bethlehem, the reporter(s) asked important questions about recent events. Some classes included a News-desk. The three plays started at 13.00 and ended at 15.05. The choir performed in every play, we all sang “Come and Join the Celebration” at the end. The reporters interviewed people like the neighbour, a rich foreigner, a Pharisee and of course the landlord of the Inn. The play was intended to be humorous but also to get the message of Christmas across. It was a great success.


By Jack (6B), Leo (6B) and Jack (6Br)

France Trip 2019

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5