Year Groups: Year 6

‘WASPS is special because we have lovely teachers.’



Welcome to Year Six
Our Class Christian Values are: Reverence (6M), Humility (6SN) and Courage (6B)


Year 6 Class Teachers

Our 3 classes for 2020-21 are:

6B – Mr Brinkworth

6M – Mr Melville

6SN – Mrs Stagg and Miss Novak

In our Year 6 area, we will keep you up to date about your child’s learning (curriculum and timetable), trips and events and homework (including spellings)

Year 6 Autumn 1 Spellings

If you would like to do further research for your non-chronological report, use the PowerPoint from our lesson and this video by Andrew Marr.

The Industrial Revolution

Year 6 2020 Leavers’ Performance 
Year 6 2020 Awards
Year 6 2020 Leavers’ Video – The Greatest Show
Year 6 Summer Fair



Year 6 Showcase


Gymnastics Competition at Baskervilles

There were two teams from WASPS: level 1 and level 2.

Each team consisted of 5 gymnasts who each had to perform two vaults and a floor routine. In the level 2 competition, the gymnasts came second, only 0.5 points away from the winners! The level 1 team also came second. Everyone has fun and enjoyed the competition.

By Ella and Amy

Over to Bethlehem

Yesterday, Year 6 walked up to the Weston All Saints Church to perform their Christmas Nativity Plays. Year 6 classes all performed their own Christmas shows with a little twist. The nativities were a great success! Everyone who took part in the play was a star and the parents loved it. The plays involved a game show, and then over to Bethlehem for an outside broadcast.

In the studio, the Quizmaster/Mistress asked questions to all four quiz contestants. In Bethlehem, the reporter(s) asked important questions about recent events. Some classes included a News-desk. The three plays started at 13.00 and ended at 15.05. The choir performed in every play, we all sang “Come and Join the Celebration” at the end. The reporters interviewed people like the neighbour, a rich foreigner, a Pharisee and of course the landlord of the Inn. The play was intended to be humorous but also to get the message of Christmas across. It was a great success.


By Jack (6B), Leo (6B) and Jack (6Br)