Year Groups: Year 4

We have fun lessons.
We’re kind to others.
You can make lots of friends in our school.
We have scrumptious dinners.
You get certificates for doing good things.
We have a cool hobbit house.

— Year 1


Welcome to our Year Group page for Year 4
Our Class Christian Values are: Koinonia (4BF), Hope (4DT) and Truthfulness (4W)


Year 4 class teachers
Click on your class teacher’s photo to see a short hello video each day.


Our 3 classes for 2020-2021 are:
4DT – Mr Day (Mon-Wed) and Mr Treble (Thurs-Fri)
4BF – Mrs Book and Mrs Fraser
4W – Mr Waldron


Other adults working in Year 4 are:
Mrs Wilkinson
Mrs Pirways
Mr Byrne
Miss Minotti
Mrs Harland


Year 4 Novel – Freedom For Bron by N.S. Blackman


We’ll be reading through a novel this term, which links to our topic Anglo-Saxons. It’s very exciting but as it is set in Anglo-Saxon era it does contain some mild violence. Click on the links below to listen to the novel.

Chapters 1-2 / Chapters 3-5Chapters 6-7 / Chapters 8-9Chapters 10-11 / Chapters 12-13 / Chapters 14-15 /


Home Learning wc 18th January 2021

Whilst you are learning at home we would love to see all the fabulous work you have been doing. If you would like to share any photos of your work, projects or artwork, then you can send them to us using ClassDojo, and your teacher can then respond to you. Information on how to sign up to ClassDojo has been sent out to all parents/carers, once they have connected to your class and your teacher has approved this then you will be able to share work with them.



Daily birdsong with Tweet of the Day (same birds but new tweets this week!) – Robin

Times tables
If you got 39 or 40 on your test last Friday then move on to the next times table. Use this to focus on in your practice this week. There are 6 stages to work through on today’s set of games. 1a chant, 1b answer in order, 2 drag answers, 3 answer jumbled, 4 multiple choice with no timer, 5 times table check



LO: To write correct answers to the video comprehension – Thor and the Giants

This week you have a special type of comprehension that doesn’t involve reading a text but watching a 3-part BBC video about Viking gods (also known as Norse gods)!

After watching these videos part 1  part 2  part 3  answer the questions given on this comprehension sheet – if you find yourself finishing quickly, try the extension questions!

When you finish look at the sheet below the questions and check your answers with the ones given.

Copy, write and cover this week’s spellings



LO: Convert between multiples of 100 g and kilograms and read scales to the nearest 100g

Quick Starter: Converting between digital and analogue time.

Main lesson: In today’s maths we will be converting between grams and kilograms.

Remember to convert from grams to kilograms you divide by 1000 (move the number three places smaller on the place value grid) and do the inverse or opposite to convert from kilograms to grams; multiply by 1000. You can use the PLACE-VALUE-CHART to help you calculate.

Main Challenge p65

 Extra Challenge p66

Answers sheet – Find the page number for your answers

Online game Mostly Postie – mobile friendly (



Today in R.E. we are considering the importance of hopes, dreams, fears and nightmares in people’s lives and thinking about the qualities people may have hidden that may emerge in times of need.

Watch this video for an introduction to today’s lesson and get ready to pause and watch the film clips below.

First clip

Second clip


This week in P.E. the children will be continuing to develop their tag-rugby skills. They will use cones to practice side stepping imaginary opponents before reaching the end of the pitch and touching the rugby to the floor to ‘score a try.’

They will then practice a full turn next to a cone whilst running with the ball to further develop these evasion tactics.

If you do not have the space or resources to try and re-create these two activities, please find below a selection of short activities that can be done in many different spaces using basic or no resources.

15 minute home workout
30 minute home workout
30 minute garden activity



Daily birdsong with Tweet of the Day – Blackbird

Times tables
Practise your times table of the week by playing Hit the Button.


We have a grammar focus in today’s literacy lesson – Prepositions of place. 

We use prepositions of place to say where things are.

My dad is in the kitchen.
The dog is on the sofa.
The toys aren’t under the table.
Where’s the cat? It’s hiding behind the chair.
I don’t like sitting next to my brother in the car.
Have you got any apples? Yes, they’re in the fridge between the grapes and the oranges.
Please use this PowerPoint to help your understanding before completing your learning sheets. Here is a song you can sing along to if you are at home!

There are 4 worksheets available and it is highly recommended you complete them in order as that is how they are designed.

Sheet 1 requires some drawing skills!

Sheet 2 asks you to spot some prepositional phrases (a preposition with a noun e.g. ‘in the box.’)

Sheet 3 asks you to write sentences containing prepositional phrases.

Sheet 4 asks you to edit your sentences to change the preposition and the meaning of the sentence.


Daily spelling activity



LO: Read scales to the nearest 100 g and draw a bar chart where one step represents 100

Quick Starter: Reading intervals on a scale.

Main Lesson: Today we will continue our measure learning and extend it to presenting data on a bar chart. We will use the knowledge that 100grams is equal to 0.1kg. Watch the video with a pencil, paper and ruler if you have one.


Main Challenge: Draw a bar chart for in class data

Extra challenge: Pick your own objects from home, weigh, round and plot weights on a bar chart

Support Challenge: Use prepared axes to draw a bar chart

Squared paper Squared paper

Online game: Bar Charts – Mathsframe


LO: To find similarities and differences between key Anglo-Saxon and Norse (Viking) gods.

In today’s lesson you will need to watch this video presentation carefully. It may well help to have some scrap paper ready so that you can make a few notes to help you later as you need to play a bit of spot the difference between the gods!

After you have watched the video presentation, complete this worksheet in which you must compare 2 pairs of gods, writing their names with a picture drawn underneath and then any similarities or differences written down as well.

If you are not able to print this sheet don’t worry, just split a piece of paper of paper into two sections so it looks similar and put down the same information that is on the worksheet.

Remember you can always watch the presentation again and press pause on slides to help you get down information!

The slides are downloadable to print or look at here.


In PSHE this term we are learning about communities, linking nicely to our RE. This week you will be thinking about what it is like to part of a community and the benefits that community can bring. Watch the video lesson and try the quiz on the following link and then design your own coat of arms. There is a template that you can download, or you can design your own. Just make sure it is split into 4 sections (place, interest, movement and practice) and have space for your slogan.



Daily birdsong with Tweet of the Day – Wren

Times tables
Today try this times tables checker game. Choose the right group of tables for yourself and work through the levels.



LO: To create a comic strip that re-tells or creates a story about the Norse (Viking) gods.

First watch this video as your teacher explains what to do while you watch the Thor and the Giants.

You will first need to re-watch the story of Thor and the Giants from Monday’s literacy: Part 1,  part 2, part 3. It is well worth making notes of the key points. If you like you can use this sheet of key points that your teacher made in the video to help you.

Now watch this video of your teacher demonstrating how to create your comic strip.

You may choose to re-tell this story in your comic strip or you may choose to make up your own story involving the Norse gods and tell that in a comic strip.

  • Make sure it has a beginning (how the story starts, middle (an event or problem happens) and ending (the event ends or a problem is solved).
  • Comic strips have speech bubbles (what the characters say) and thought bubbles (what the characters think).
  • Don’t be afraid to colour it in (if you like or have access to colours) and make it look like a professional comic strip


A wordsearch of this week’s spellings
There are some words from past and upcoming weeks included.



LO: Record and interpret information on bar charts with missing intervals.

Quick Starter: Estimating on a numberline.

Main Lesson: Today we will continue looking at bar charts but this time look at how to create a scale with missing intervals.


Main Challenge: Draw a bar chart for Class data.

Extra challenge: Find your own piece of text and repeat the investigation

Support Challenge: Use prepared axes  to draw a bar chart

Squared paper

Online game: Make a Bar Graph (


This week Mr Treble leads a meditation about a shower of light. Here are some colouring sheets of the sun that might help you to relax.
Sun 1
Sun 2
Sun 3


Last week we learnt about mains and battery powered electricity. To remind yourself about it first complete this tutorial.
This week we are learning about materials that are conductors and insulators. Watch this video of Mr Treble explaining the difference between a conductor and an insulator.
Part of the task today is to test materials that are conductors or insulators. Mr Treble has done the experiment for you to watch and explains how you could try to do it yourself too. Use these sheets to record your predicitons, results and conclusions.
Use this Kahoot quiz to test your knowledge on conductors and insulators.



Daily birdsong with Tweet of the Day – House Sparrow

Times tables
Use this blank times tables grid to fill in the one you are focusing on. Then add any others that you know.


LO: To write a story about the Norse gods

In today’s lesson you will need to use your comic strip made the day before (as well as the notes you may have made for the comic strip). This will act as your plan for the story you will write today.

Watch this video explaining some top tips about story writing, as well as an example of some story writing involving the Norse gods.

If you need a bit more help thinking of different language use this word bank and this page of sentence and paragraph starters to help you

As previously specified, your story can re-tell, ‘Thor and the Giants’ or be a creation of your own.

Your success criteria are:

  • To have a clear beginning (introduce the story by setting the scene), middle (problem or event happens) and end (event stops or problem is solved). This will hopefully already be clear in your comic strip.
  • To punctuate all sentences using capital letters and full stops.
  • Use correct inverted commas to show speech.
  • To use at least 3 sentences with more than one adjective or adverb in to add detailed description.
  • To use at least 3 prepositions of place learnt in this week’s grammar lesson (behind, underneath, over, between, beside, below).


Daily spelling activity



LO: Understand how to convert ml into l and back.

Quick Starter: Estimating on a numberline.

Main Lesson: Today we will continue learning about capacity and investigating some different containers. Key fact for today is that 1000ml is equal to 1l.


Main Challenge: Main Challenge Page 70

Extra challenge: Find a small empty container. Using a table spoon 15ml or teaspoon 5ml work out how many spoons would fill the container to find the total capacity.

Support Challenge: Support Challenge page 69

Answer Sheet_pp67_77

Online activity: ITP measuring cylinder – Mathsframe

Online game: Capacity Countdown – mobile friendly (



Today in Art we will be making our own looms, for this you will need three sticks and some wool or string. If you can’t go outside to find sticks, you could use wooden spoons or something similar. If you can’t find string or wool, you can use two pieces of paper and make a paper loom.  

Once you have got your sticks and string, watch this video. If you need more help you can look at the steps and pictures on this worksheet!

Use this worksheet if you are doing a paper loom.


Daily birdsong with Tweet of the Day – Blue Tit



Complete your weekly spelling test with Mr Treble



Today we will be practicing our times table facts, solving problems and assessing our knowledge from the week.

Intro video.

If you want some more: homework_sheet



LO: to respond to music in a variety of ways.

Mr Day’s Intro video

Today we are going to use BBC Ten Pieces again. We’ll be listening to a modern piece called Night Ferry by Anna Clyne and finding out about how she came up with the ideas for her music.

Then you might choose to either respond by creating your own 2D artwork based on Anna’s music or have a go at the lovely 3D sculpture challenge which you can find on the Ten Pieces Tasters page. Scroll down to the Night Ferry section and watch the step by step video by artist Amy Leung. You will need some cardboard and some pencils.


Emotional Development
In your classroom you have been using a thermometer to communicate your feelings. Watch Mr Treble explain how you can make one for home and share it with your family so that you can all help and support each other. You can design your own, start from a blank thermometer or use this coloured in template.


Archive of previous Home Learning

Other Useful Websites
We have found that there are some useful resources on the BBC Daily Learning and Oak National Academy websites. Both offer home learning resources using a variety of videos, games and activities.

Abacus Maths books
Abacus have made their text books available as free ebooks, they can be accessed below:
Access Year 4 Textbooks

As well as the work from your class teacher, there are a number of free learning resources available. For example:

Hamilton Trust:


Carol Vorderman’s The Maths Factor app:

Sir Linkalot spelling app:

While school is on pause, kids can listen for free on Audible:

Find out how to access some excellent, free eBooks from Oxford Owl.

Through your Libraries West library card you get free access to: Borrow Box App – audiobooks, Cloud Library App – e-books, RB Digital App – Magazines

Remembrance Poetry

In literacy we have studied some famous war poems. We then wrote our own Remembrance Poems and presented them alongside a watercolour poppy.

Lowry Inspired Art

In art we have been studying Lowry and how he used a vanishing point to create perspective.

4BF Artwork

Jean-Michel Basquiat inspired self portraits
As part of our work in Black History Month we studied some artwork by Jean-Michel Basquiat, and then created our own versions!


Hope based art inspired by Andrew Goldsworthy
4T were inspired by the work of Andrew Goldsworthy this week. We gathered natural materials and used them to create abstract art that represented our class Christian value, Hope.

School year 2019 – 20

4G retelling of Beowulf

Year 4 all did a fantastic job sharing their learning at their assembly on Tues 3rd March. Here is the re-writing of Beowulf that 4G shared in their part of the assembly. This is all totally original writing from different members of 4G – isn’t it amazing?

One dark and gloomy night, a dark misty shadow called Grendel was going to invade a hall called Heorot. Thud, thud, thud went the sound of Grendel in his underground cave, where no-one dared to go. It was dark and gloomy down there, just how Grendel liked it.

Silently, this great coal black figure emerged from the dirty, grimy waters. His bloodshot eyes flickered in the incredulous beauty of the glimmering moonlight. Burning determination was building up inside of him to destroy his next victim. The fur on the creature’s body was hard, knotted and stained.  He stomped and splashed through the water as quietly as he could but the sea shattered, making the fish faint.  The beast was as terrifying as a pack of lions. His claws were as sharp as a sword. His knees were knobbly like tree trunks.

Silently, with blood dripping from his mouth, he was creeping across the hills when he saw the castle of Heorot. Grendel approached Heorot like a tiger about to pounce on a mouse.  His claws were rancid, dagger like claws.  Suddenly, he entered the hall threateningly and ripped open the door. He slithered into the dim, patterned hall. The Geats were sound asleep, Grendel lurking in the dark, gloomy hall. Suddenly, he stopped and scanned the area, his huge beastly eyes shining like rocky diamonds.

The hair on Beowulf’s neck bristled as he turned and looked at the gruesome creature. The hideous creature took one big stare directly at Leofric.  Grendel took a colossal step onto Leofric’s foot and grabbed him on the arm but it was too late. Grendel snuck up on Leofric and ate him. Grendel sucked his brain like pot noodles. Leofric was spilling lava red blood everywhere. Beowulf gasped. Beowulf couldn’t save Leofric; he was already ripped up into pieces.

Beowulf leapt up at Grendel with fury. Grendel roared in agony; tables and chairs exploded into pieces. At once, all the Geats awoke. Their eyes glittered like diamonds; they began to encourage Beowulf and chant his name.

Grendel reached out for Beowulf; his diamond eyes glinting in the dim candlelight. Beowulf leapt up, grabbing on to Grendel’s outstretched arm. The deathly tug of war woke up the other Geats who slashed at Grendel with no success. Grendel was using his sword and spitting disgusting, hot, wet spit. Suddenly, Beowulf twisted Grendel’s arm behind his neck and pulled. Horrifically, Beowulf ripped Grendel’s arm off, blood spurting everywhere. Grendel gave a howl of pain and stalked off into the night, far, far away. From that day on, the Geats never saw him again.

Year 4 Medieval Walk around Bath  

On Wednesday 26th February, to fit in with their topic work, Year 4 took part in a walking tour of Medieval Bath. They were transported back in time as they discovered the 4 medieval gates of Bath, saw the last remaining part of the medieval city walls, and learned about the history of the magnificent Abbey. On top of that, they learned all about Bath’s history as a medieval market town and about the presence of a saw mill and a cloth production industry.

Well done to the children who walked for some time with great energy and who showed great enthusiasm for their learning. They were great ambassadors for WASPS when out and about -well done, Year 4.





Viking Day

Year 4 were again immersed in their topic learning as they experienced “Viking Day.” The day began with Hothgar the Viking raiding and plundering the Year 4 classrooms. The Year 4 Vikings lived their day as Viking warriors, heard myths of Norse gods, experienced fire-lighting, Viking games and even a Viking funeral. The children used these amazing first hand experiences to inspire their writing of their Norse myths. It was an amazing day enjoyed by all.

Chinese Teachers’ visit

On Wednesday 8th January, WASPS received some very special guests from Guangdong Province in China.  4 teachers from the Humen Foreign Language School (which Miss Gray visited on an exchange in October) came to tell WASPS pupils all about Chinese New Year, their school and to share Chinese culture with them. Years 3-6 took part in an interesting assembly about Chinese culture, then Year 4 classes were treated to workshops with the teachers. These included: Chinese calligraphy (with traditional writing instruments), Chinese singing, Mandarin language study and Chinese papercraft. A huge thank you to the teachers for teaching us so many things and a big well done to the children for taking part so enthusiastically.
Here are some quotes from the children:
“I really enjoyed  the Chinese calligraphy, it was really different and fun. I thought that the brushes and the ink were really cool and I enjoyed trying to hold it the proper way.” Tess, 4G
“I most enjoyed the calligraphy. I loved learning about all the Chinese words. It was amazing. It was really nice having the Chinese teachers at our school.” Emily, 4G
“I enjoyed paper cutting because I’ve never done Chinese paper cutting before and I also enjoyed singing in Chinese because I don’t speak Chinese.  It was really fun!” Delia, 4W
“I really enjoyed doing the songs. I enjoyed it because we could sing in Chinese. The songs were called Happy New Year and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I enjoyed singing in a different language.” Callum, 4W

Monk Day

Year 4 had a real treat on Monday 13th January on Monk Day, when they all got to experience what life was like for Medieval Monks. This took place in the very appropriate setting of Weston All Saints Church. The day started with a talk from a Medieval historian, and then the children took part in activities such as beeswax candle making, medicinal herb bag creating, and they even learned the Lord’s prayer in Latin. Their time at church finished with a talk from our rector, Mark, who spoke about Monk life and led the children into a quiet time of reflection and music.  The children even managed 20 minutes of meditative silence as part of the day.

Genesis Trust visit

As part of thinking about the wider community, Year 4 raised £130.79 for The Genesis Trust back in October with their “Poetry and Produce” harvest sale. In January, they welcomed Hilary Long into their classrooms as she shared with the children about the amazing work the Genesis Trust do in Bath. Children found out where the money they raised will go. Children listened really well to Hilary, reflecting class Christian values of compassion and hope, and they asked some very thought-provoking questions at the end of the talk.

Year 4 Christmas

Year 4 have had a wonderful few weeks in the lead up to Christmas.

They have enjoyed a fantastic show from the Bristol Old Vic, a delicious Christmas lunch complete with home-made hats, their Christmas parties, and lots of in-class fun Christmassy activities.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 17th December, each Year 4 class performed their Christmas nativity play “Christmas Stars” at Weston All Saints Church. The children had put in a lot of work and preparation for their performances and it showed. Each performance was so full of energy, enthusiasm and wit. The children especially excelled in their beautiful loud and clear singing, even going into 2 part harmony at one point! A big thank you to all Year 4 children for their hard work and to parents and grandparents for being such a great audience.