Year Groups: Year 4

‘At WASPS we love going outside to learn.’

Welcome to our Year Group page for Year 4.

Year 4 is a fantastic year with lots of learning and fun.

Here’s what some children from last year’s Year 4 said about life in their year group:
“Year 4 was the best year ever!” – Cleo
“Year 4 has been my best year yet, and it’s been really enjoyable.” – Stanley
“We’ve had so many good adventures.” – Amber
“Year 4 is full of interactive experiences!” – Nandini
“You will learn lots of history.” – William
“It’s always really exciting” – Max
“We visited lots of extraordinary places on our trip to St Briavels” – Maisie “The topics will take you back in time” – Roseanna

Our 3 classes for 2019-2020 are:
4G with Miss Gray
4S with Mrs Stagg
4W with Mr Waldron

In our Year 4 area, we will keep you up to date about your child’s learning (curriculum and timetable), trips and events and homework (including spellings).

Viking Day

Year 4 were again immersed in their topic learning as they experienced “Viking Day.” The day began with Hothgar the Viking raiding and plundering the Year 4 classrooms. The Year 4 Vikings lived their day as Viking warriors, heard myths of Norse gods, experienced fire-lighting, Viking games and even a Viking funeral. The children used these amazing first hand experiences to inspire their writing of their Norse myths. It was an amazing day enjoyed by all.

Chinese Teachers’ visit

On Wednesday 8th January, WASPS received some very special guests from Guangdong Province in China.  4 teachers from the Humen Foreign Language School (which Miss Gray visited on an exchange in October) came to tell WASPS pupils all about Chinese New Year, their school and to share Chinese culture with them. Years 3-6 took part in an interesting assembly about Chinese culture, then Year 4 classes were treated to workshops with the teachers. These included: Chinese calligraphy (with traditional writing instruments), Chinese singing, Mandarin language study and Chinese papercraft. A huge thank you to the teachers for teaching us so many things and a big well done to the children for taking part so enthusiastically.
Here are some quotes from the children:
“I really enjoyed  the Chinese calligraphy, it was really different and fun. I thought that the brushes and the ink were really cool and I enjoyed trying to hold it the proper way.” Tess, 4G
“I most enjoyed the calligraphy. I loved learning about all the Chinese words. It was amazing. It was really nice having the Chinese teachers at our school.” Emily, 4G
“I enjoyed paper cutting because I’ve never done Chinese paper cutting before and I also enjoyed singing in Chinese because I don’t speak Chinese.  It was really fun!” Delia, 4W
“I really enjoyed doing the songs. I enjoyed it because we could sing in Chinese. The songs were called Happy New Year and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I enjoyed singing in a different language.” Callum, 4W

Monk Day

Year 4 had a real treat on Monday 13th January on Monk Day, when they all got to experience what life was like for Medieval Monks. This took place in the very appropriate setting of Weston All Saints Church. The day started with a talk from a Medieval historian, and then the children took part in activities such as beeswax candle making, medicinal herb bag creating, and they even learned the Lord’s prayer in Latin. Their time at church finished with a talk from our rector, Mark, who spoke about Monk life and led the children into a quiet time of reflection and music.  The children even managed 20 minutes of meditative silence as part of the day.

Genesis Trust visit

As part of thinking about the wider community, Year 4 raised £130.79 for The Genesis Trust back in October with their “Poetry and Produce” harvest sale. In January, they welcomed Hilary Long into their classrooms as she shared with the children about the amazing work the Genesis Trust do in Bath. Children found out where the money they raised will go. Children listened really well to Hilary, reflecting class Christian values of compassion and hope, and they asked some very thought-provoking questions at the end of the talk.

Year 4 Christmas

Year 4 have had a wonderful few weeks in the lead up to Christmas.

They have enjoyed a fantastic show from the Bristol Old Vic, a delicious Christmas lunch complete with home-made hats, their Christmas parties, and lots of in-class fun Christmassy activities.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 17th December, each Year 4 class performed their Christmas nativity play “Christmas Stars” at Weston All Saints Church. The children had put in a lot of work and preparation for their performances and it showed. Each performance was so full of energy, enthusiasm and wit. The children especially excelled in their beautiful loud and clear singing, even going into 2 part harmony at one point! A big thank you to all Year 4 children for their hard work and to parents and grandparents for being such a great audience.