Year Groups: Year 3

The high quality of children’s spiritual awareness, promoted by the school’s distinctive
character, has a strong impact on their academic achievement and personal

— SIAMS Inspection
                                                   A very warm welcome to Year 3

Our Class Christian Values are: Peace (3W), Trust (3R) and Creation (3SS)

 Year 3 Class Teachers

 Class Teachers:

3SS – Mrs Snook and Mr Szuplewski
3W – Miss Ward
3R – Mr Randall

 Other adults in Year 3:

Mrs Weaver

Miss Chandler
Mrs Payne

Useful Links:

Hamilton Trust:


Carol Vorderman’s The Maths Factor app:

Sir Linkalot spelling app:



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Y3 Spelling

Please see below for spellings for Summer Term 6

 w/c 07.6.2021

division, decision, television, dangerous, nervous, enormous, admission, ridiculous, woman, women

 w/c 14.6.2021

invasion, pension, extension, mountainous, various, jealous, explosion, numerous, January, February

w/c 21.6.2021

 confusion, permission, discussion, famous, disastrous, fabulous, occasion, ravenous, March, April

w/c 28.6.2021

act, action, relate, relation, anchor, chef, attraction, chemist, May, June

w/c 05.7.2021

 invent, invention, pollute, pollution, school, machine, construction, cholera, July, August

 w/c 12.7.2021

 correct, correction, translate, translation, character, parachute, situation, moustache, September, October

w/c 19.7.2021

 inject, injection, educate, education, chorus, brochure, population, chalet, November, December

Year 3/4 Common Exception Words 


Class Christian Values

In Year 3 we embed our Class Christian Values into as much of our learning as is possible. Our Class Christian Values are:

3T – Trust
3SS – Creation
3W – Peace

Trips / activity days:

Celt Day –

Roman Baths –
Roman Day –
Avebury and Legge House –



Year 3 will receive weekly spellings to learn and these will be tested in class on a Friday.

Children will take part in weekly tables tests and these will be sent home so any extra support can be targeted at areas that are more challenging.
Maths homework will be set each week via the Active Learn website and will reflect the learning that has taken place in class during the week.


Maths times table for every day

 Check this times table video featuring all your favourite football mascots.

Year 3 Kelston Roundhill Day Out

Art Inspired from Kelston Roundhill Day Out

Year 3 Sport Day


Year 3 Wind Sock Project

Watch the video of Year 3 Wind Sock Project connected to our Semester 5 topic “Extreme Weather”.


World Book Day

Year three had fun dressing up as their favourite book characters, and finding extreme places to read!

Year 3 Christmas

Year Three Egyptian Art


Wold Book Day

During Book Week Y3 was visiting many different countries together with characters from books. Sweden with “Pippi Longstocking” by Astrid Lindgren, Brasil with “Rainforest Grew All Around” by Susan K. Mitchell, New York with “Flat Stanley” by Jeff Brown, Egypt with “The story of Tutankhamun” by Patricia Cleveland-Peck, and Australia with “Wombat goes walkabout” by Michael Morpurgo.


Black History Month


As part of our work in Black History Month we studied some artwork by Faith Ringgold, and then created our own versions!


Year 3 Home Learning
You have been sending us some pictures of the wonderful work you have done at home. See what your friends have been up to in these pictures.


Year 3 Garden
Whilst school is quieter the tulips in our Year 3 flower garden have bloomed and are looking magnificent!

World Book Day
To celebrate World Book Day we came in dressed as our favourite book characters!

Year 3 Assembly
On Friday it was our Year 3 assembly. Through a combination of dance, poetry, song and rap we shared our learning about The Celts and our Class Christian Values – Peace, Trust and Creation


Celtic Knots and The Holy Trinity
As part of our topic learning on The Celts and The Iron Age we made Celtic Knots from clay. We found out that the shape had really close links to The Holy Trinty – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Practical Maths
We have been using lots of different resources to help us learn maths in a fun and engaging way!

Year 3 Nativities
The Year 3 classes all performed their Nativities this week. The children performed brilliantly; voices were loud and clear, acting was enthusiastic, dancing was beautiful and the singing was fabulous. Teachers and all the adults who attended were very proud of them all!


Christmas Backdrop
We all enjoyed working as a team to make our Christmas Backdrop, taking turns and working together was really rewarding!



Harvest Sale
Year 3 held their Harvest Sale in the playground by their classes. We sold fresh produce, cakes and displayed the food we had donated for the food bank. Children shared their Harvest Prayers and took home the hummus recipe that they had tested and written during the week.