Year Groups: Year 3

Generosity – Be generous and you will be prosperous. Help others, and you will be helped.

— Proverbs 11:25

                                                A very warm welcome to Year 3

Our Class Christian Values are: Peace (3W), Trust (3R) and Creation (3SS)

Year 3 Class Teachers

 Class Teachers:

3SN – Mrs Snook and Mrs Notice
3H – Mrs Hammond
3R – Mr Randall

 Other adults in Year 3:
Mrs Weaver
Ms Nicholson
Mrs Hunt

Class Christian Values
In Year 3 we embed our Class Christian Values into as much of our learning as is possible. Our Class Christian Values are:
3T – Trust
3SN – Creation
3H – Peace

Home Learning
If your child is isolating at home, and is well enough, we would like them to access home learning that mirrors what is happening in school. By following the link you should find a folder for each day’s work. Once your child has completed the work they can return it to or by sending in paper copies to the school.

What’s been going on at WASPS?
We are still using the Showcase page of our website to share highlights from across the whole school!

Books this Term

This term we have three more exciting books to use as a starting point for our literacy work.

Each book will see us through two weeks study of a particular genre. Some of the books may be available on Youtube being read aloud, or you may be lucky enough to find one in a charity shop. In this case, children might enjoy sharing them with you.

Our first text is ‘This Moose Belongs to Me’ by Oliver Jeffers. This is a very funny picture story about keeping a pet and then finding out that you might not be the only owner! Wilfred works hard to get Marcel the moose to follow his pet rules but Marcel has other ideas. Alongside this text we are learning the art of writing a persuasive letter.

‘My Name is Not Refugee’ by Kate Milner, is a thought-provoking short picture book which tackles a sensitive subject in a way that allows children to access it from their perspective. Discussions around this text will help children to write in the style of a report.

Our final text this term, is a longer book by the prolific children’s author, Jeremy Strong. ‘The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog’ charts a hilarious series of disasters, as two children struggle to train Streaker, a seemingly ‘untrainable’ dog! Children will enjoy constructing an explanation text about how to train a dog.

Year 3/4 Common Exception Words