Year Groups: Year 3

Our class and school values help us have fun, do good work, be good friends, and be good overall students

— Wren and others

A very warm welcome to Year 3
Our Class Christian Values are: Peace (3W), Trust (3T) and Creation (3SS)

Video message from your class teachers

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Independent Work for Home Learning – Week commencing 1st June 2020

We would love to see all the fabulous work you have been doing at home. If you would like to share any photos of your projects or artwork, please email the school with the photos attached and add the subject “FAO Y3 Teachers” and we will aim to update the website regularly so you can see what your friends have been up to! Please note by kindly submitting photographs/images of your child’s work you are giving permission for the material to be uploaded onto the school website.  Please state if you would rather work is not included. Thank you.

As usual please use the information below to access your home learning. We have chosen some activities from the new BBC Daily Learning and Oak National Academy websites. However, if you would like more content and structure we recommend making fuller use of one of their websites which are both offering home learning using a variety of videos, games and activities.

Try to read every day, either to yourself or to someone else (adults, brothers, sisters and pets can all be good listeners).
Your comprehension task this week is to read about staying safe in the sun and answer the questions.

Your grammar task is to learn about using subordinating conjunctions to extend sentences with extra information. This is really useful when you are adding more detail to your sentences.

For your writing task you will first need to watch the first 7 minutes and 30 seconds of ‘The First Snow of Winter
Then draw a plan of what you think will happen in the rest of the film. You could use a story mountain to show the dramatic peak (climax) or a comic strip to show the different stages of the story.
Once you have a plan you are happy with try writing your own version of the end of the story. Try to use conjunctions to extend your sentences and to add extra information. Take your time, it could take a couple of days.
Lastly check your story for mistakes, add extra words and details and then share your story with your family.

This week your maths is all about adding using compact column addition and subtracting by counting up on a number line (frog method).
Adding multiple 2 digit numbers
Adding multiple 2 or 3 digit numbers with word problems
Subtracting using frog method
For some problem solving this task asks you to try to make a total of 200 by adding different 2 digit numbers together.

Our topic this term is all about weather and your first task is to learn about some of the climate zones around the world. Then try marking them onto a world map by colouring with different colours.

Design and Technology
Your task is to make your own weather station. There are some great instructions from the Met Office. Use your weather station to measure and record the weather each day. If you miss a day of recording you can always find out what the weather has been like in Bath on the internet.

Archive of previous Home Learning (doc)

Fitness coach, Joe Wicks, is running live PE lessons for children on his YouTube channel, The Body Coach TV. This will be at 9am Mon-Fri.

Head Start Literacy and Maths Activity Booklets

Abacus have given free access to their Year 3 Textbooks

Find out how to access some excellent, free eBooks from Oxford Owl

As well as the work from your class teacher, there are a number of free learning resources available. For example: 

Hamilton Trust


Carol Vorderman’s The Maths Factor app

Sir Linkalot spelling app

Wesport for staying active ideas

While school is on pause, kids can listen for free on Audible

Through your Libraries West library card you get free access to: Borrow Box App- audiobooks, Cloud Library App- e-books, RB Digital App- Magazines


3T – Mr Treble
3SS – Mrs Snook and Mr Szuplewski
3W – Miss Ward

Other adults in Year 3:

3T – Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Shearman, Mr Byrne
3SS – Mrs Geddis, Mr Roberts
3W – Miss Chandler

Class Christian Values

In Year 3 we embed our Class Christian Values into as much of our learning as is possible. Our Class Christian Values are:
3T – Trust
3SS – Creation
3W – Peace

Trips / activity days:
Celt Day – 12th February 2020
Roman Baths – March 2020
Roman Day – March 2020
Avebury and Legge House – June 2020

Year 3 will receive weekly spellings to learn and these will be tested in class on a Friday.
Children will take part in weekly tables tests and these will be sent home so any extra support can be targeted at areas that are more challenging.
Maths homework will be set each week via the Active Learn website and will reflect the learning that has taken place in class during the week.


Year 3 Home Learning
You have been sending us some pictures of the wonderful work you have done at home. See what your friends have been up to in these pictures.


Year 3 Garden
Whilst school is quieter the tulips in our Year 3 flower garden have bloomed and are looking magnificent!

World Book Day
To celebrate World Book Day we came in dressed as our favourite book characters!

Year 3 Assembly
On Friday it was our Year 3 assembly. Through a combination of dance, poetry, song and rap we shared our learning about The Celts and our Class Christian Values – Peace, Trust and Creation


Celtic Knots and The Holy Trinity
As part of our topic learning on The Celts and The Iron Age we made Celtic Knots from clay. We found out that the shape had really close links to The Holy Trinty – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Practical Maths
We have been using lots of different resources to help us learn maths in a fun and engaging way!

Year 3 Nativities
The Year 3 classes all performed their Nativities this week. The children performed brilliantly; voices were loud and clear, acting was enthusiastic, dancing was beautiful and the singing was fabulous. Teachers and all the adults who attended were very proud of them all!


Christmas Backdrop
We all enjoyed working as a team to make our Christmas Backdrop, taking turns and working together was really rewarding!



Harvest Sale
Year 3 held their Harvest Sale in the playground by their classes. We sold fresh produce, cakes and displayed the food we had donated for the food bank. Children shared their Harvest Prayers and took home the hummus recipe that they had tested and written during the week.