Year Groups: Year 2

WASPS is about making friendships and being kind

— Ruben

A warm welcome to Year 2
Our Class Christian Values are: Wisdom (2R), Respect (2K) and Kindness (2P).


Your Year 2 teachers are Miss King, Miss Pope and Mr Rennolds. 

Y2 Teachers 2020 -2021

2K – Miss King

2P – Miss Pope

2R – Mr Rennolds


Other Key Adults In Middle WASPS

Mrs Alvis

Mrs Rotheram

Miss Chandler

Mrs Beech

Miss Smith


Y2 Class Christian Values

In Year 2, we embed our Class Christian Values into as much of our learning as is possible. Our Class Christian Values are:


2K – Respect
2P – Kindness
2R – Wisdom





Week 2 – W.B 13th September 

Week 3 – W.B 20th September

Week 4 – W.B 27th September

Week 5 – W.B 4th October

Week 6 – W.B 11th October

Week 7 – W.B 18th October 



Your child will bring home their reading record containing 2 books at their reading level. Please listen to them read every night and check their understanding, asking questions as they go through the book. Please then record that you have heard them read, in their reading record.

When your child has read through both books twice, they will be changed at school.

Please note: Once your child reaches level 12, these books become much lengthier; we only expect them to read these books once before changing, provided they are fluent on the first read.

Click on this link to access free age-appropriate eBooks.

Thank you for your support.



Parent phonics support pack

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Click here, here and here to access a range of age-appropriate maths games for your child to try.

Useful maths resources:

Number square resource

Number bonds to 10 resource

Number bonds to 20 resource

Other Useful Websites

Here are some useful resources on the BBC Daily Learning and Oak National Academy websites.

Hamilton Trust:


Carol Vorderman’s The Maths Factor app:

Sir Linkalot spelling app:

Find out how to access some excellent, free eBooks from Oxford Owl.

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2020 – 2021

Science Extravaganza Day!

On Thursday 15th July, Year 2 was taken over by scientists and inventors as the children enjoyed their very own Science Extravaganza Day at school. The children really enjoyed taking part in many inventions and experiments. In the morning, the children made hovercrafts and rocket balloons. They also showed great teamwork as they designed and made their own Brunel- inspired bridges using spaghetti and marshmallows – not an easy feat! In the afternoon, the children made lava lamps and created an exploding volcano. They also had a go at being naturalists as they did a nature hunt around the school grounds, discovering many different species of plants and insects. The children learnt facts about the solar system while enjoying a healthy snack too! Well done to all the children in Year 2, who participated so well in the Science Day, proving themselves to be brilliant scientists and inventors!


SS Great Britain 

After being inspired by out topic, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the children created their own SS Great Britain models. They showed excellent teamwork skills which resulted in some creative and unique designs.

‘Not A Box’

Year 2 enjoyed the story ‘Not a box’ by Antoinette Portis. They used their imagination to create their own inventions. Some flew to the moon, others raced in fast cars but all of us had great fun!


Minibeast Hunt


Sports Day!

On the morning of Thursday 10th June, Year 2 enjoyed taking part in Middle WASPS Sports Day. They all participated wonderfully in different races, such as:  the running race, the sack race, the egg and spoon race and the class relay. All Year 2 children excelled in the races they were participating in, putting in a super effort and showing great sportsmanship as they cheered each other on. Well done, Year 2! They all enjoyed a well-deserved ice pop in the afternoon. Here are a selection of photos of the day.

DT – Vehicles

Year Two have enjoyed making their own vehicles. They carefully used a saw to create an axel. They particularly enjoyed taking them outside to test how fast they could go!

Reaching Out to the Community 

Ted, in Class 2P, wrote a wonderful letter to the Prime Minister about plastic pollution and ways to help the environment. Ted’s letter was so persuasive that he received a letter from 10 Downing Street! Well done Ted.

Arthur, in Class 2G, wrote a very persuasive letter to BANES about his road, asking for speed cameras and speed bumps to be put up. The council then put up speed cameras and speed bumps in response to Arthur’s letter. What an amazing achievement to have made such a difference in our community. Well done, Arthur!

Literature week

Year 2 had a fantastic time in literature week listening to the story of Winnie the Pooh and doing lots of activities inspired by this classic book.

Year 2 especially loved the treasure hunt, where they worked together to solve the clues to find the treasure…chocolate and some amazing books! Well done Year 2.

Red Nose Day

On Friday 19th March, Year 2 had great fun dressing up as superheroes for the day! They also enjoyed telling jokes to make each other laugh. Here are some of their amazing costumes.

World Book Day in Y2

Year 2 took on the challenge to read a book in a strange or unusual place. Take a look at some of the places they found to read!


Home Learning Photographs

Thank you for sharing some of your work this week, Year 2. 

Click here to see Toby’s artwork.

Class Value Prayers

World Book Day 2020

On World Book Day, we dressed up as our favourite book characters. Can you guess who we are?

Celebrating Diversity

In Y2, we made displays showing how each person is different and how we should celebrate our differences. We learned a lot of amazing things about each other!

Florence Nightingale Day

To celebrate the end of our topic on Florence Nightingale, we had a re-enactment day. We dressed as nurses and soldiers and acted out the Battle of Inkerman on the school field. We then set up a field hospitals and the nurses bandaged up the wounded! It was a very exciting day for us all.

Peter Brown Visit

Year 2 were very lucky to have a visit from local artist, Peter Brown. He showed the children some of his work, talked about how he paints different weather in his pictures of Bath and kindly gave us some of his books. The children had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and were then inspired to create their own pictures using paints and charcoal. Seb in 2LH said “It was the best day ever!”

DT in Year 2

We enjoyed designing, making and using our very own glove puppets. We learned how to do blanket stitch to join the pieces of felt and decorated them to create monsters and animals.

Christmas in Year 2

Year 2 performed their Nativities, ‘It Takes A Village’ on Monday 16th December. The children loved the traditional retelling of the Christmas story and sang songs from the show with some of their favourite Christmas Carols. 


Christmas Teachers