Year Groups: Year 2

‘WASPS is special because we work together respecting each other.’

A warm welcome to Year 2
Our Class Christian Values are: Wisdom (2R), Respect (2G) and Kindness (2P).



We sent home a letter about phonics on Friday 23rd October. Please find below some resources to support your child in phonics. Sound and blend each real and alien word. Why not hide the words around a room and encourage your child to find them?

Many thanks for your support.

Parent phonics support pack

Phonics Homework 1

Phonics Homework 2

Phonics Homework 3

Phonics Homework 4

Phonics Homework 5

Click here and here to access a range of phonics games.

Bedtime Story

Click on your teacher’s picture to see your bedtime story.


Year 2 Harvest Assembly.

Click here to watch Year 2’s Harvest Assembly.

Our chosen Harvest charity this year is the Bath Food Bank. We would be extremely grateful for any donations, which can be made on the Bath Foodbank website.


Your Year 2 teachers are Miss Gray, Miss Pope and Mr Rennolds. 


Y2 Teachers 2020 -2021

2G – Miss Gray

2P – Miss Pope

2R – Mr Rennolds

Other Key Adults In Middle WASPS

Mrs Alvis

Mrs Rotheram

Mrs Nicholson

Miss Chandler

Mrs Payne


Y2 Class Christian Values

In Year 2, we embed our Class Christian Values into as much of our learning as is possible. Our Class Christian Values are:

2G – Respect
2P – Kindness
2R – Wisdom





Please see below for Autumn term 2 spellings, which this term have a phonics focus.

Week 1 spelling words

Week 2 spelling words

Week 3 spelling words

Week 4 spelling words 

Week 5 spelling words

Week 6 spelling words

Week 7 spelling words


Your child will bring home their reading record containing 2 books at their reading level. Please listen to them read every night and check their understanding, asking questions as they go through the book. Please then record that you have heard them read, in their reading record.

When your child has read through both books twice, they will be changed at school.

Please note: Once your child reaches level 12, these books become much lengthier; we only expect them to read these books once before changing, provided they are fluent on the first read.

If your child is isolating at home and they have finished their reading books, click on this link to access free age appropriate eBooks.

Thank you for your support.



Worksheets and games will be set on Abacus every Friday to reflect the learning in class (beginning Friday 18th September). Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you need login details.

Begin to learn our Christmas Nativity song. Have fun! You can listen to it here. 

Home learning for those at home w.b. 30th November. 

Monday 30/11:

Literacy – Using this week’s spellings, create a beautiful spelling rainbow. Can you challenge yourself by writing each word into an exciting sentence?

Maths – Complete this Abacus activity. You might want to use these blank number lines. Click here if you would like to try a challenge activity.

Science – Begin to explore a range of bridges. Can you design and build your own bridge? Can could use materials from around your house to create a 3D structure. Watch this video. 

Tuesday 1/12:

Literacy – Click here to read this week’s comprehension. Can you write all of your answers into full sentences?

Maths – Join in with this dance to introduce today’s learning. Complete this Abacus activity.  Decide which number is greater than or less than while completing this activity.

Art – Use recycled materials to design a Christmas card for someone special.

PE – Click here and here to explore a range of netball activities.

Wednesday 2/12:

Literacy – Today, you are going to write a letter to Father Christmas. Remember to ask questions, explain why you have been good and what you would like for Christmas. Also, remember to think carefully about your punctuation. Click here if you would like to use a writing frame.

RE – Click here to learn about Christingles. Can you create your own at home? Click here if you would like to complete a Christingle colouring too.

Music – Explore the BBC Ten Pieces Taster activities.

Thursday 3/12:

Literacy – Look at this conjunctions PowerPoint to help you complete today’s activity. Choose which level of challenge suits your learning best.

Maths – Complete this Abacus activity. Here is a number square tool to help you.

Art – Can you create a decoration to hang on your Christmas tree at home? Click here for some creative ideas.


Friday 4/12:

Literacy – Test yourself on this week’s spellings.

Maths – Start by chanting in multiples of 10 on this Splat Square. Try to count backwards if you are feeling confident. Complete this abacus activity. What do you notice about the tens and ones in each 2-digit number? Challenge yourself by completing this activity.

Emotional Development – Create a feelings monster or use your monster you created last week. Imagine you meet your feeling monster. How does your monster feel? Does your monster need help to feel better? What could you do to help? Is it ok for your monster to feel that way?

Thank you for sharing some of your work this week, Year 2. 

Click here to see Toby’s artwork.

Prayers on our class values

World Book Day

On World Book Day, we dressed up as our favourite book characters. Can you guess who we are?

Celebrating diversity

In Y2, we made displays showing how each person is different and how we should celebrate our differences. We learned a lot of amazing things about each other!

Florence Nightingale Day

To celebrate the end of our topic on Florence Nightingale, we had a re-enactment day. We dressed as nurses and soldiers and acted out the Battle of Inkerman on the school field. We then set up a field hospitals and the nurses bandaged up the wounded! It was a very exciting day for us all.

Peter Brown visit

Year 2 were very lucky to have a visit from local artist, Peter Brown. He showed the children some of his work, talked about how he paints different weather in his pictures of Bath and kindly gave us some of his books. The children had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and were then inspired to create their own pictures using paints and charcoal. Seb in 2LH said “It was the best day ever!”

DT in Year 2

We enjoyed designing, making and using our very own glove puppets. We learned how to do blanket stitch to join the pieces of felt and decorated them to create monsters and animals.

Christmas in Year 2

Year 2 performed their Nativities, ‘It Takes A Village’ on Monday 16th December. The children loved the traditional retelling of the Christmas story and sang songs from the show with some of their favourite Christmas Carols. 


Christmas Teachers