Year Groups: Year 1

‘WASPS: Lessons are so fun it’ll make you want to learn. Expressive, creative and always willing to work. Express yourself through art. Imaginative, creative, committed WASPS! Buzzing about all day!’

A very warm welcome to Year 1 from Mr James, Miss Stinchcombe, Mrs Trim and Mrs Wild,

Please do check back here regularly as we shall be posting various items up here that will be of help to everyone in year 1. It will also be a place to celebrate all the wonderful things your children do across the year. See you soon!

Teachers in Year 1

Mrs Wild

Mrs Wild

Year Group Lead Class 1W

Mr James

Mr James

Class 1J

Mrs Trim

Mrs Trim

Assistant Head Teacher Class 1TS

Miss Stinchcombe

Miss Stinchcombe

Class 1TS

Christmas is coming

Year 1 have been busy enjoying all of the Christmas festivities!

Father Christmas has recently visited our classes. We were very surprised to find he’d left us a special letter asking what we’d like for Christmas so we worked hard to write our replies before sending them off in the post.

We enjoyed our delicious Christmas dinner and we all looked great in our party hats!

We’ve been learning our lines and songs for our Nativities. All of the Teachers are very proud of the children and think they look fantastic in their costumes!

Uganda Topic

We’ve been busy learning all about our new topic Uganda. We are very lucky to have parents and grandparents who have spent time in Uganda. They have been showing us their clothing, toys, food and what school is like there.

Book Week

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed Book Week. We read a range of books based on the environment. We also had some fantastic visitors, including Greenpeace who have taught us about their forest campaign. We learnt about strange and wonderful animals that we didn’t even know existed! We thought about how we can reduce our plastic waste. We polluted our swimming pool to represent the ocean and what it must be like for the fish BUT don’t worry we then cleaned this up!

Mrs Bull even arranged a visit from a dinosaur! This was unexpected!

We really enjoyed our bedtime story this year where we all got warm by the fire and had hot chocolate.

We can’t wait for next year!


Farm Visit

Year 1 had a great time at Upper Weston Farm. We finally had good weather and enjoyed seeing all the different animals being fed.