Year Groups: Year 1

WASPS is buzzing

— Oonagh


TA very warm welcome to Year 1
Our Class Christian Values are: Friendship (1J), Forgiveness (1W) and Perseverance (1ST)

Year 1 Class Teachers

Welcome to our Year 1 page. Please check back regularly to see what we have been learning about.


Please watch our Year 1 Harvest Assembly. We hope you enjoy it. If able please do support our chosen charity this Harvest. We want to get as many donations for Julian House as we can to help the homeless. Please click here. 

Home learning for children isolating w/c 19th October

As it is Book Week in school some of the home learning is linked to this. Please check back later in the week for our bedtime story videos!


Read this poem Ten things a wizard keeps under his hat. 

Activities to complete around the poem:

Talk about the poem – which is your favourite line? Can you add some pictures? Make yourself a wizard’s hat from paper and perform the poem wearing your hat.

Write or draw some Magic Hat Stories. Imagine you have a magic hat that can take you anywhere you want to go: the zoo, under the sea, to the moon. Write sentences about where your magic hat will take you. Remember to include a problem in your story and a resolution to show how the problem is solved. Draw a picture to go with your story.

Consolidate your phonic sounds by playing some of these online games: 

Buried Treasure

Dragons Den

Picnic on Pluto


We will be starting these Super Maths Challenges in school to speed up our mental maths. Have a go at the first Bronze level. Repeat the activity but this time only give yourself five minutes. How many did you complete? See if you can improve your score in the same amount of time. If you can get 20/20 in five minutes then move on to Silver level.

Continue to work on your counting skills. Use these games to consolidate your counting.

Try out your number formation.

Try these Book Week themed maths activities:

We are looking at measuring and recording height in standard units.  Demonstrate how to use a ruler correctly, explain which end we measure from and how we use the small lines to count the centimeters. Once  confident, you can use the ruler to measure the different New York skyscrapers and find their height in cm.  Have a go at drawing your own skyscraper and then measure using your ruler.

Try these bush magic additions.


Find your favourite book at home and use this as inspiration to create your own work in the same style as the illustrators. Here are some famous examples.

Teachers in Year 1

Mrs Wild

Mrs Wild

Year Group Lead Class 1W

Mr James

Mr James

Class 1J

Mrs Trim

Mrs Trim

Assistant Head Teacher Class 1ST

Miss Stinchcombe

Miss Stinchcombe

Class 1ST