Year Groups: Year 1

I will bless those who trust in me.

— Jeremiah 17:7

A very warm welcome to Year 1
Our Class Christian Values are: Friendship (1J), Forgiveness (1W) and Perseverance (1TS)

Video message from your class teachers
Click on your class teacher’s picture to see their latest video message.

Story Time
Each week a different teacher will read a story. This week Mrs Wild is reading. We hope you enjoy listening!


Independent Work for Home Learning – w/c 1st June 

We would love to see all the fabulous work you have been doing at home. If you would like to share any photos of your projects or artwork, please email the school with the photos attached and add the subject “FAO Year 1 Teachers” and we will aim to update the website regularly so you can see what your friends have been up to! Please note by kindly submitting photographs/images of your child’s work you are giving permission for the material to be uploaded onto the school website.  Please state if you would rather work is not included. Thank you.

As usual please use the information below to access your home learning. We have chosen some activities from the new BBC Daily Learning and Oak National Academy websites. However, if you would like more content and structure we recommend making fuller use of one of their websites which are both offering home learning using a variety of videos, games and activities.

Check out these free Read Write Inc. ebooks available from Oxford Owl. Simply register and find the Read Write Inc. book suitable for your child. Please read this helpful document which explains how to register.



Spellings: Please review the spellings from Term 5 and practice any you found to be particularly challenging. See how many you can still remember. These can be found at the top of our website page for Term 5.

Phonics: Watch the daily live Read Write Inc. phonics lessons online – find the set that is most suited to your child. Most children will be on Set 2 or 3 Speed Sounds. They are being streamed live and can also be accessed for up to 24 hours.

Writing: Write a recount of your half term break. Be sure to mention your favourite things that you did, things you made, movies you watched, anything you baked or any other interesting details.

Challenge yourself to include:

 All the names of the days of the week (with capital letters). Example: On Monday I built a den in the garden and filled it with my favourite toys.

 Lots of the Term 5 spelling words in your sentences.

 Drawings of the things you did.

 Capitals and full stops to organise sentences as well as capital letters for any names you mention.

Here is a template you may wish to use or if you don’t have a printer you can write on plain lined paper.



Good news, all the workbooks and textbooks in the bestselling Abacus series are now available for free as ebooks on our ActiveLearn platform for the duration of school closures. No sign up or login is required.

Access Year 1 Workbooks

As usual we are uploading weekly activities for you to do on the Abacus website. This week have a go at playing BINGO. Solve the addition problems to fill up the spaces on your BINGO card. If you get four correct answers in a row you win!

Please also complete the usual weekly mental maths challenge which can be found at the top of our website page. Your child should know what level they are. In school we usually give them 5 minutes.


Topic – Geography: The Seaside

Option 1: On this map of the UK place pins or draw dots to show anywhere you have been to the beach. Be sure to include a small note next to each pin point that says the name of the place, when you went there and who you went with. Example: Fistral Beach, Newquay. Summer 2018 with Nan.

Option 2: If you can’t remember a seaside holiday, think of a place where you would like to go in the UK and plan a holiday. You can use this holiday plan template if you like.



Create a detailed sketch of a flower or plant that you like. You could even use a plant from your own garden.

Learn about the names of different parts of a plant and label the blank boxes on this sheet.

See if you can locate and label the different parts on the plant picture that you drew.



This week we are thinking about Class 1TS’s Christian value of ‘perseverance’. Can you think of a time when you persevered with a task in school? Think of an example of when you were doing home learning and found it to be challenging. Did you show perseverance? How did it feel to accomplish a task that you found to be difficult through perseverance? If you only ever did things that you found to be easy and  you never really challenged yourself, would you still grow and learn?

Colour in this Growth Mindset Poster and reflect upon the statements in the speech bubbles.



Is there a piece of music you are really enjoying at the moment? As you listen to it, draw a picture of what the music makes you imagine. Your picture can have real images or abstract lines and shapes. Whatever comes to mind can go on the paper! Talk with a family member about how the music makes you feel. Jot down any words that describe emotions you feel when you listen to this music. Maybe the music makes you imagine a story. Tell the story to a family member.

BBC Ten Pieces at Home is a great resource for listening and appreciating classical works. Each week watch videos and listen to a range of pieces. Then complete activities to express any feelings or responses you have to the music


If you would like to finish any home learning from previous weeks you can access all of the archived home learning here.

Self paced booklets:

TTS KS1 Curriculum Activity Book- Added w/c 30/3/20

RWI sounds and sayings- guide

Year 1 Practical Ideas (complete at your own pace)

Year 1 Home Learning Pack (complete at your own pace)

Guided Relaxation 2- Cozy Castle- Added w/c 30/3/20

Guided Relaxation- Bucket Kindness

Science Experiments at Home- Added w/c 30/3/20

As well as the work from your class teacher, there are a number of free learning resources available. For example:
Carol Vorderman’s The Maths Factor app:
Sir Linkalot spelling app:
While school is on pause, kids can listen for free on Audible:
Through your Libraries West library card you get free access to: Borrow Box App- audiobooks, Cloud Library App- e-books, RB Digital App- Magazines

Please do check back here regularly as we shall be posting various items up here that will be of help to everyone in year 1. It will also be a place to celebrate all the wonderful things your children do across the year. See you soon!

Teachers in Year 1

Mrs Wild

Mrs Wild

Year Group Lead Class 1W

Mr James

Mr James

Class 1J

Mrs Trim

Mrs Trim

Assistant Head Teacher Class 1TS

Miss Stinchcombe

Miss Stinchcombe

Class 1TS

Showcase of Home Learning w/c 18th May 

Showcase of Home Learning w/c 11th May 

Showcase of Home Learning w/c 4th May

An exciting video from Malcolm!

Showcase of Home Learning w/c 27th April 

Showcase of Home Learning w/c 20th April 

Well done Noah for making this fabulous natural habitat. We know the bugs will love this!


A fantastic maths idea from Rathlin. Just write some numbers on paper and place them in a bun tin. Then put a pile of money inside and they have to work out how much to put in each tin to get to that amount.


Some lovely topic work from Bea about her favourite toy.

Please continue to send in your work next week so we can stay connected and share our learning.

Tuesday 24th March

We hope your first two days of home learning are going well. We are missing you all at school. Here is a message from Mrs Wild and Miss Stinchcombe.


Dolly’s Adventure


Literature Week

Year 1 have been busy learning all about Beatrix Potter and her classic stories. We have created our own characters inspired by those in the famous tales. We have also been exploring the school grounds to find suitable homes for Peter Rabbit, Mrs Tiggy Winkle and Jeremy Fisher.

Each class also enjoyed a drama workshop where we went on a journey around the world to help the Queen!


World Book Day

We had lots of fun this week dressing up as our favourite book characters. We did a parade through the hall. Can you guess who we all are?


Equalities Team Challenge – We are all different and special!

The School Equalities Team recently set each class a challenge to show the rest of the school why they are special. This is a film made by 1W.


Class Christian Values

In 1J our class Christian value is friendship.

In 1W our class Christian value is forgiveness.

In 1TS our class Christian value is perseverance.

Mental Health Week

During Mental Health Week we made our own worry box and wore red to show support.

Power and Energy

We used Playdoh to represent what we think creative power and energy looks like.

Christmas is coming

Year 1 have been busy enjoying all of the Christmas festivities!

Father Christmas has recently visited our classes. We were very surprised to find he’d left us a special letter asking what we’d like for Christmas so we worked hard to write our replies before sending them off in the post.

We enjoyed our delicious Christmas dinner and we all looked great in our party hats!

We’ve been learning our lines and songs for our Nativities. All of the Teachers are very proud of the children and think they look fantastic in their costumes!

Uganda Topic

We’ve been busy learning all about our new topic Uganda. We are very lucky to have parents and grandparents who have spent time in Uganda. They have been showing us their clothing, toys, food and what school is like there.

Book Week

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed Book Week. We read a range of books based on the environment. We also had some fantastic visitors, including Greenpeace who have taught us about their forest campaign. We learnt about strange and wonderful animals that we didn’t even know existed! We thought about how we can reduce our plastic waste. We polluted our swimming pool to represent the ocean and what it must be like for the fish BUT don’t worry we then cleaned this up!

Mrs Bull even arranged a visit from a dinosaur! This was unexpected!

We really enjoyed our bedtime story this year where we all got warm by the fire and had hot chocolate.

We can’t wait for next year!


Farm Visit

Year 1 had a great time at Upper Weston Farm. We finally had good weather and enjoyed seeing all the different animals being fed.