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Community – How wonderful it is, how pleasant, for God’s people to live together in harmony!

— Proverbs 133:1
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A very warm welcome to Reception
Our Class Christian Values are: Service (0BM), Thankfulness (0D) and Compassion (0SM)


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Home learning previous phonics lessons and sound charts.

Reception teachers 2021/22

0D – Mr Dismore

0SM – Mrs Schwartz & Mrs Markall

0BM – Mrs Bevan & Mrs Markall

Other Key Adults in Reception

Mrs Jones

Miss Pease

Miss Payne

Miss Ward

Weekly Update – week ending 1st July

We started the week with a very interesting assembly on hygiene and how to prevent germs from spreading. The children enjoyed being scientists, wearing lab coats and goggles, taking part in different experiments. They particularly liked seeing how far microbes can travel when they brought out the ‘sneeze machine’ (a bubble machine!)

In the classrooms and outdoor environments, we have been continuing our Animal Safari topic, with particular focus on habitats and climates. The children enjoyed recreating a hot dry desert habitat and a hot wet rainforest habitat. In literacy, the children wrote their own animal riddles. Here a few, can you guess the animal?

  • I eat meat. I am black and white. I live in the snow. What am I?
  • I walk very slow. I have a scaly shell. I can live for 100 years. What am I?
  • I am nocturnal. I have a bushy tail with a white bit. I am orange. What am I?

In maths we have been thinking about numerical pattern, particularly odd and even numbers. The children enjoyed drawing a picture of Odd Bod the alien who loves odd numbers only.

Many thanks to everyone who came to support the children on Sports Day. It was a huge success and we were very impressed with the children’s efforts and behaviour.

We hope you have a great weekend.

The Reception Team

Weekly Update – week ending 24th June

We have continued to enjoy the warm weather and the children are eager to learn outside. They have enjoyed playing with the water swamp which was created in a tuff tray while the water tray was transformed into a polar region with the addition of ice (complete with the relevant animals).  We’ve talked a lot about habitats, predators and camouflage and enjoyed our own safari around the school grounds where, instead of lions and tigers, we found plenty of insects, butterflies, slugs and even a couple of baby toads. We talked about where these animals prefer to live.

In our writing we have been learning facts about different animals – did you know every zebra has a unique stripe pattern.  In maths we looked at sharing and grouping using practical resources – if you have 12 flowers and put three flowers in each pot – how many pots do you need?

In PHSE we talked about how we change from a baby and discussed what we would like to do when we are grown-ups.

In PE we have been practising for our sports day, we have our fingers crossed that the weather will be good for our sports morning on Tuesday.

We hope you have a great weekend.

The Reception Team

Weekly Update – week ending 17th June

It’s been very hot this week but the children have been very sensible making sure they are wearing suntan lotion, hats and glasses and drink plenty of water throughout the day.
They have all been really animated since the visit to Longleat and enjoyed writing about their trip, the animals they saw and their favourite animal.  The outdoor role play area has been transformed into animal zoos and Longleat on an hourly basis. They have also been inspired to create representations of the animals using special animal pattern tissue paper. There has been lots of talk about different animals too. In show and tell in 0BM we found out that an octopus has eight tentacles, three hearts and nine brains. We’ll have to have a contest for the most interesting animal fact!
In maths we have focused on doubling and next week we will look at sharing and grouping – how do you share fairly and what happens if you have one left over?  We will be sharing the story of The Doorbell Rang.
We have also talked about marriages in RE and healthy food in our circle time and have sent home a special card for Sunday.
We hope you have a great weekend and fingers crossed the lovely weather will carry on into next week.
The Reception Team

Weekly Update – week ending 10th June

What a fantastic trip to Longleat! The children were so excited to be travelling on a coach all the way there, chatting and singing with their friends. We enjoyed the warm weather and ensured we fitted as much as possible into the day. We managed boat trips and train rides. We fed the sea lions by throwing fish to them – making sure we kept our hands and fingers safe inside the boat. We saw many animals and birds and admired all the different colours and patterns. We even fed the lorikeets a special nectar – they balanced on the arms of an adult while feeding.  We loved the cute meerkats and stood very still when they ran around our feet. The koalas were so fluffy, and we braved seeing the crocodiles (it was a little scary).  We all enjoyed our picnic sitting on the grass.

When we returned to the coach we had a brief stop to see the giraffes and zebras – we laughed at the giraffe that was bending over to eat the grass. We also enjoyed walking through the lemur enclosure. Back on the coach, we were excited to see the larger animals, such as the lions, tigers, cheetahs, wolves, and hyenas.

On the journey home the children said:

‘I loved being in the coach looking at the meat-eating animals.’

‘I think it was amazing and I didn’t want to leave.’

‘I liked seeing the lions.’

‘It was great and I wanted to stay there forever.’

‘I really can’t say what was the best because I loved everything!’

We had such a fantastic day and, for their very first school trip, we thought the children were a credit to the school. We were very proud of them.

Weekly Update – week ending 27th May

This week the children have thoroughly enjoyed all the jubilee celebrations in school. We used a range of materials to design crowns and ball gowns and made bunting. We also created our own portraits of the Queen inspired by the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

The children were so pleased to have their parents and carers visit the classroom to share their work. The children worked very hard on their poems, imagining what life would be like as a monarch. The jubilee picnic was a huge success and we are grateful for all your support.

In maths, we explored subtraction. We listened to ‘first, next, then’ stories and showed our understanding on ten frames. We then attempted to record these calculations as number sentences.

Next term we will be starting our new topic ‘Animal Safari’. We will be learning about different animals and their habitats and writing our own versions of the story ‘Dear Zoo’. We are all very excited to be visiting Longleat on Friday 10th June to see some real animals up close!

The EYFS team hope that you have wonderful half term.

Weekly Update – week ending 20th May
We have continued to enjoy exploring our topic – Once Upon a Time.  This week the children wrote a list of all the fairy tale characters they could remember and then made a spilt pin puppet of their favourite character – there were plenty of wolves and princesses!  At the end of the week the children acted out different stories featuring their puppets, some with stories you would recognise and others using their vivid imaginations! They used iPads to video and watch their performances.
In maths we used 10 frames to help with simple addition stories using first, then, now. We stretched our learning by working out what the first is when we know the then and now and what the then is when we know the first and now!! Next week in maths we are focusing on subtraction using taking away stories.
We continue to be visited by our Year 6 friends and, where possible, we encourage the Year 6 friend to listen to their Year 0 friend read.  It’s a marvellous opportunity for the youngest and oldest members of the school to develop some fabulous friendships.
Next week’s focus will be on the Queen’s Jubilee.  We will be writing a poem about being a king or queen, creating some artwork of the queen for display prior to the family picnic, learning the National Anthem and dressing up in red, white and blue on Friday.
We wish you all a wonderful weekend.

The Reception Team

Weekly Update – week ending 13th May
The reception team will be communicating a weekly update on the website to ensure parents and carers are aware of the learning that the children have been doing.
What a wonderful week weather wise (apart from a drop or two of rain on Wednesday – the garden certainly appreciated it). The children made the most of being able to take their learning outside.  Our focus book was Cinderella and we also shared other stories about princes and princesses including the princess and the pea.  In their writing the children retold parts of the story of Cinderella.  They were also able to make a bath suitable for royalty using flower petals, they made flags and used these to decorate sand castles.  Many of the outdoor structures were treated to a royal makeover too. We also used quills to write some scroll invitations.
On Friday the children were joined by their Year Six friends as an end of SATS treat.  The Year sixes shared a story with their Year 0 friend and helped them to make crowns.  The children loved the experience.
In maths the children recapped their 2D shape knowledge and used shapes to copy and make pictures and tangrams.  They also used multilink cubes to make and match models, using some fantastic mathematical language to explain where each colour cube is in relation to each other
In RE we talked about baptism and our PSHE lesson focused on friendship and how to be a good friend.
Next week we will be talking about and listing our favourite fairy tale character, designing and making a puppet and then using the puppets for some fun role play activities.
In maths the focus is on addition using practical stories of first, then, now.  WE will also incorporate some problem-solving activities.
We wish you all a wonderful weekend.
The Reception Team

Literature Week

The children had a great week looking at lots of different types of literature this week.  Reading, ‘Rosie’s Walk’ and creating maps and vegetable print paintings of Rosie.  We had a visit from an author! ‘Robert Starling’ which inspired the children to create some fantastic story covers of their very own.  A few examples are in the pictures below.


Home Learning
If your child is isolating at home, and is well enough, we would like them to access home learning that mirrors what is happening in school. By following the link you should find a folder for each day’s work. Once your child has completed the work they can email it to their teacher using the class email address (e.g. or by sending in paper copies to the school.

P.E Days

All children will be doing P.E on a Monday and Wednesday so please can they come into school in P.E kit on these days. Thank you.

Additional Information

The P.E bags, book bags and pencil grips are now on sale through Parent Pay.  Once purchased, the school office will let the teacher know who has bought what and they will give to your child at home time.

Book Bags – £5.00

P.E Bags – £3.50

Pencil Grips – £2.00



We are launching our Star Moment initiative.  Please read the attached letter for further information. Thank you for sending your Star Moment sheets in.

Star moment letter

Star moment star

Thank you


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