Year Groups: Reception

A learning paradise!

— Monty

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A very warm welcome to Year 0!
Our Class Christian Values are: Service (0BM), Thankfulness (0D) and Compassion (0S)


New video message from your class teachers
One teacher a week will prepare a new video message. This week it’s Mr Dismore’s turn.





Story Time
Each week a different teacher will read a story. This week Ms Jones is reading. We hope you enjoy listening.


The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright




The children have had great fun this week listening to the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker and making their own shoes.  They also had a go a writing a story based on the book.  This week’s tasting was lettuce that the children had grown themselves.  Reactions were mixed! Some of the more positive comments included ‘delicious’, ‘fantastic’, ‘scrumptious’ and ‘really good’. We’ve also been practising our number bonds/pairs to ten and have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.


This term our topic in Reception is Traditional Tales.  Over the next seven weeks we will be looking at the following stories and linking these with our learning.

  • Cinderella
  • The Gingerbread Man
  • Billy Goats Gruff
  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker
  • Little Red Riding Hood

You could also look at other traditional tales that your family enjoyed when they were growing up.  Do you have a different favourite fairy story?  Feel free to explore these other stories, especially if you have books and toys at home that relate to that story.

Week commencing 13th July

Little Red Riding Hood

Here are some ideas you could try this week.


Keep practising the Set 6 butterfly keywords: away, come, said, going, play, all, to, day.  See if you can still remember how to read and spell all the other sets from this year.

Use the RWI website to keep practising the sounds, blending them to read words, and also breaking words up into their sounds (segmenting) to help with spelling.

Read the story Little Red Riding Hood Discuss the conversations that have taken place in the story.

You can watch the ballet version too

Try completing the speech bubbles.  Read the sentences and match to the correct character.  Cut and stick the speech bubble with the correct character.

Play Phonics play – Phase 4.

You can check which sounds you know confidently.


Check if you can count to 20, put numbers from 1 – 20 in order and say which is one more and one less. Can you write the numbers too?

Have a go at playing these maths games:

Museum of ten

Balloon flight

Hit the button

Save the whale number bond game

Art/UW: What are we looking forward to in Year 1?

The children in school are creating a book of their memories from reception so it would be lovely if you sent us in some of your memories and highlights.  There are some photographs from the time children have spent in Year 0 on this website.  Have you got some photos from your first day, the dressing up days, or any of the assemblies we have performed or even from our nativity?  You might have some photos of your new friends if you have been to their parties or on some playdates.  What have you enjoyed? What might you be looking forward to in Year 1?

You could do some illustrations and list some things you want to learn and some things you want to do more of.


Here is a prayer about change and new beginnings.  Think about moving to Year 1 whilst you illustrate the prayer and we can add it to our class book.

Can you remember your class value?

Class Values; 0J – Compassion, 0D – Thankfulness, 0BM – Service

Have you shown this value during lockdown and into coming back to visit school?

Write down your ideas of how you’ve shown your class Christian value and draw a picture.  This can be added to the class values display book.


Mr Snook, Mr Brinkworth and Mr Taylor have challenged you to take part in a Sock Heptathlon. Watch this clip to find out about each event, get a ball of socks ready and have some fun!


Look at the ebook ‘Jake’s first day’ and think about your first day in Reception. How did you feel? How do you feel about moving to Year 1?


What is the weather like today?  What clothes do you wear in the summer? Why is it important to drink lots of water?  Do you know the dangers of the sun and what you can do to be safe (use suncream, wear a hat, have lots to drink).  What do you like to do on a hot day?  Do you remember going anywhere in particular? What did you wear?

For more ideas to do with Little Red Riding Hood, look on the image page on Google and choose some ideas to try based on the resources you have to hand at home.

You could also use these last few days to explore some other Traditional Tales.  For example:

Jack and the Beanstalk

Sleeping Beauty

The Princess and the Pea

The Frog Princess


STOP PRESS – the potatoes are harvested!

Have a look at the latest and final presentation. Grow your own Potatoes 

The children in school each took a potato home to wash, cook and eat.

Last Week’s Work wc 6th July

Archived learning wc 6th July

Additional learning resources

As well as the work from your class teacher, there are a number of free learning resources available. For example:

Find out how to access some excellent, free eBooks from Oxford Owl.

Hamilton Trust:


Carol Vorderman’s The Maths Factor app:

Sir Linkalot spelling app:

While school is on pause, kids can listen for free on Audible:

Through your Libraries West library card you get free access to: Borrow Box App- audiobooks, Cloud Library App- e-books, RB Digital App- Magazines


You can now access “Music Express” for free at this time – see below for how to sign up for a wealth of songs and other music resources:


We look forward to being able to post lots of news and useful information, which will be of interest to everyone in Year 0. So watch this space!

We are three classes based in Little WASPS. We play and we learn using the inside and outside environment. We have a dedicated play area outside where we explore using all our senses. During the year we make new friends and we find out about ourselves, dinosaurs, people who help us, growth, animals and traditional tales. The highlight of the year is our trip to Longleat where we get to see and hold a variety of different animals.

Class 0D – Mr Dismore supported by Ms Pease and Mrs Scudamore
Mr. Dismore loves the outside and is a keen sportsman.

Class 0J – Ms Jones supported by Mrs Jones
Ms Jones has recently joined the school covering maternity leave. Ms Jones loves the creative opportunities within Reception.

Class 0BM – Mrs Bevan and Mrs Markall supported by Mrs Awramenko and Mrs Beech.
Mrs Bevan and Mrs Markall job share. Mrs Bevan loves to sing and garden while Mrs Markall heads up the KS1 school choir.




Some useful information about our learning (click on the links below):

Number Bonds | Number Formation

Sound Chart | Keywords

Letter Formation

Correct Pencil Grip – Right Hand

Letter Formation for left-handers

Letter Formation for right-handers

Literature Week

The reception children studied Rosie’s Walk, wrote a book review and created their own version of the story.

They also enjoyed a drama workshop.



Reception have enjoyed learning about people in the community around us and have had many visitors over the last few weeks.



Muddy Monday

Reception thoroughly enjoyed their science this week during Muddy Monday where they explored ‘What goes through’.  Using sieves and colanders and a range of materials,  we discovered  what materials could or couldn’t pass through a sieve.

Christmas 2019

The Reception children have enjoyed some fabulous Christmas activities. They shared a delicious Christmas lunch together with their teachers. They wore party hats and enjoyed a two course meal cooked by the wonderful kitchen staff.  The adults served them and the children were particularly appreciative!

Each class performed a Nativity show called Whoops-a-Daisy Angel! The children rose to the challenge and the parents loved all three performances. Some adults even admitted to shedding a few ‘happy tears’!


Agnes 0B – I liked the pigs in blankets. I liked the performance because mummy took a picture of me.

Sonny 0B – I liked the pudding – it was a Christmas tree ice cream!  Our show was amazing because everybody clapped.

Lucas 0S – I saw my mum and dad when I was an angel. I sang and sang and sang.

Saffron 0S – Yummy, yummy, it was yummy. I had gravy and an elf came, he hides everywhere.

Gloria 0D – I like the song ‘I have to fly to Bethlehem’.

Thomas 0D – I liked our Christmas lunch. The teachers gave us our lunch and sat with us.

Book Week 2019

During this year’s eco book week the reception children shared many different stories about the environment. They enjoyed the story The Trouble with Dragons and wrote about why they liked this book. They also drew pictures of the Truffula Trees (from The Lorax), drew pictures of Christopher Nibble and decorated themed bookmarks.

The children enjoyed visits from storytellers and poets, including Kate Wilson, and were thrilled when Oreo and Rolo, the Guinea pigs, came to school for the morning. On the last day of book week, the children came to school dressed in something green.

Bertie 0B – Book week was fun, I enjoyed seeing the Guinea pigs.
Elizabeth 0B – I enjoyed stroking the Guinea pigs.
Ivy 0S – I liked it when we dressed up.
Otis 0S – I liked dressing up in green and all the books.
Jan 0D – I liked the story about the dragons.
Hetty 0D – We dressed up in our pjs and we had a drink of hot chocolate.