Year Groups: Reception

Be kind and tender-hearted to one another, and forgive one another, as God has forgiven you through Christ.

— Ephesians 4:32

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A very warm welcome to Reception
Our Class Christian Values are: Service (0BM), Thankfulness (0D) and Compassion (0SM)



Reception teachers 2020/21

0D – Mr Dismore

0SM – Mrs Schwartz & Mrs Markall

0BM – Mrs Bevan & Mrs Markall

Other Key Adults in Reception

Mrs Jones

Mrs Awramenko

Mrs Geddis

Miss Payne

Miss Scott

Miss Smith

Miss Waite

P.E Days.

The days that the reception classes do P.E and therefore the children can come into school in P.E Kit are as follows:

0BM – Wednesday

0D – Monday

0SM – Wednesday.

Weekly Update w/e 11th June

It was fabulous to welcome the children back to Summer Term 2. The weather has been kind to us this week. We enjoyed learning about our new topic of Traditional Tales and listening to and talking about the story of Little Red Riding Hood. She even came to visit! This week the children have made a wolf using split pins, created a forest scene using string and printing, are learning about odd and even numbers, doubling, sharing and patterns, and are creating maps and providing instructions based on these maps. We have also tasted some lettuce grown in school and planted some more lettuce seeds.

Weekly Update w/e 21st May

We have had another fantastic week learning all about Africa, focusing on the book Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne. The children enjoyed fact writing and learning about life in African countries.

In DT the children were excited to make their own delicious fruit skewers. We had also discussed that coca beans are grown in Africa, so it only seemed right to top our fruit kebabs with a drizzle of chocolate!




Weekly Update w/e 14th May 

Reception had another lovely week starting off with the class pictures.  Amongst other things, we continued with our book, ”The Leopard’s Drum’ and we embarked on writing our own African story and produced some beautiful stories. Well done to all the children!

We explored the creation of maths stories, the Aqiqa celebration, made some shadow puppets and we finished with some fantastic science all about forces and how things moved.  We even had a surprise visit from Professor Plum!  See if you can spot her.

Weekly Update w/e 7th May

The children have really enjoyed listening to The Leopard’s Drum and have made masks, acted out different scenes and written about the story. We have also enjoyed taking our learning outside.

It has been a great second week back with the children getting back into the routine within school.  We finished the week with ‘England does the daily run’ and here are a few pictures.

Welcome Back to Summer Term 5

It has been wonderful to welcome the children back with the added benefit of beautiful weather.

It’s been a busy week and we have found out about our new topic – animals, written about our Easter news, thought about how we make numbers above 10, including recognising number patterns, made pictures using tangrams and created some amazing hot and cold collage pictures. Phew!

The children have also enjoyed exploring a range of new resources for indoor and outdoor learning. The empty boxes were a real favourite!

Literature Week – Day Four

The children had fun re-telling the story of Rosie’s Walk using different settings and characters. Perhaps you can practise your story telling at home too?

Here are some pictures of the brilliant Rosie’s Walk classroom displays.

Literature Week – Day Three

The children did some fantastic work today completing a book review of ‘Rosie’s Walk’.  Maybe they can tell you about their favourite part of the story.

Here are some more pictures of the children doing the treasure hunt.

Literature Week – Day Two

The children were delighted to go on a treasure hunt around the school today. They solved clues which led to a treasure box filled with new books and chocolate eggs.

We also discussed the story of ‘Rosie’s Walk’ and painted pictures using a similar colour palette to that of the book.

We acted out the story by making masks and found lots of ways to retell the story.


Literature Week – Day One

The children love the book Rosie’s Walk. We shared the story and talked about the order of events. The children are using their imaginations to make Rosie’s Walk 3D scene pictures. More creative activities are planned for the remainder of the week.

Red Nose Day

The children thoroughly enjoyed Red Nose Day.  They all looked fantastic in their costumes.  Here are a few pictures.

Census Minibeast Count.

Reception had a fantastic time on Monday counting all the minibeasts they could find around the wild area and Little Wasps.  Here are a few pictures.

World Book Day

We had a lovely day on World Book Day and thank you to all those that dressed up at home.

Archived Home Learning

To access home learning from w/c 23rd November, please click here.

To access home learning from w/c 30th  November, please click here.

 Archived work 18 – 22 Jan 

Archived work 11th – 15th Jan

Archived work 6th Jan – 8th Jan

Home Learning – archived – phonic clips

Mrs Schwartz – 0SM

Mr Dismore – 0D

Mrs Bevan – 0BM

Mrs Markall – 0BM/0SM

Additional Information

The P.E bags, book bags and pencil grips are now on sale through Parent Pay.  Once purchased, the school office will let the teacher know who has bought what and they will give to your child at home time.

Book Bags – £4.90

P.E Bags – £3.50

Pencil Grips – £2.00


The children have had great fun creating their own self portraits, so we thought we would share these with you.




The children have enjoyed working on their first paintings using a variety of colours. Here is the Little WASPS art gallery.

Thank you

The Reception Team



We are launching our Star Moment initiative.  Please read the attached letter for further information. Thank you for sending your Star Moment sheets in.

Star moment letter

Star moment star

We are three classes based in Little WASPS. We play and we learn using the inside and outside environment. We have a dedicated play area outside where we explore using all our senses. During the year we make new friends, have fun and we find out about ourselves, dinosaurs, people who help us, growth, animals and traditional tales.

Class 0BM – Mrs Bevan and Mrs Markall supported by Mrs Geddis and Miss Payne. Mrs Bevan loves to spend time in her garden (or on the golf course) while Mrs Markall enjoys singing and dancing.

Class 0SM – Mrs Schwartz and Mrs Markall supported by Mrs Jones. Mrs Schwartz has returned to WASPS following her maternity leave.  She is very artistic and musical and enjoys exploring outside.

Class 0D – Mr Dismore supported by Mrs Awramenko, Mrs Beech and Mrs Waite. Mr Dismore loves the outside and is a keen sportsman.







Some useful information about our learning (click on the links below):

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Letter Formation for left-handers

Cripps – Letter Formation for Left Handed Children


Letter Formation for right-handers

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