Year Groups: New Starters 2020

It’s fun, exciting and creative.

— Esme

Welcome and information for the parents of new starters to Reception in September 2020


Frequently asked questions

Headteacher’s first letter of the year to Reception parents – 28th August 2020

You will be receiving a pack of information about joining Reception at Weston All Saints C of E Primary School (there are links to these documents at the top of this page too).

As we are unable to host a meeting for you all in school we have made a video to explain how induction is being arranged this year during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We very much look forward to eventually meeting you as new parents in our school!

Please keep an eye on this website as this is where we post new information.

Thank you!  Mrs Halls (Headteacher), Mrs Badger (Deputy Head), Mrs Trim (Assistant Headteacher)


Transition Guides

Share our transition card with your child(ren) to help them develop a sense of what their new adventure from pre-school to school will look like. Read the information to them and discuss the pictures to help them get excited about starting school. Look out for the story time with the Reception staff over the next few weeks.

New starter guide for children

New starter guide for parents

Mrs Trim and the Reception teachers would like to share some of their favourite stories with you.  Please click on the individual photograph to share each story.