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Welcome to our HIRB

Recently in the HIRB: we were visited by a tortoise!


HIRB Ethos

We are delighted to have a Hearing Impaired Resource Base (HIRB) within Weston All Saints C of E Primary School. The HIRB has an inclusive and positive ethos, with a twofold aim: give our deaf pupils the best teaching and learning experience, delivered through a language rich and individualised curriculum, as well as put pupils’ emotional and social skills and wellbeing at the heart of our delivery. Through this approach, we ensure that all of our deaf pupils make optimum academic progress whilst equipping them with core life skills for their future success. Regular language and routine assessments are carried out to assess and intervene where necessary for high impact learning.

Our pupils engage in a number of activities within the HIRB such as Deaf Identity, Social and Communication Skills, Literacy, Topic and Science, depending on their individual targets, as well as enjoy being amongst their deaf and hearing peers. Our pupils spend time both in the HIRB and in the mainstream classes, to provide social cohesion. Audiology is a large part of our role and we ensure that all technology is monitored carefully on a daily basis, to provide best access to the curriculum. We are also proud of our transition to secondary programme, preparing our students for the next steps in their journey, through learning and strong links to their schools. This includes an exciting opportunity to link with a pen-pal, where possible.

Whole School Approach

The HIRB’s inclusive ethos is echoed across the school. The school staff and community are deaf aware, ensuring the best opportunities, and a real sense of belonging, for our deaf community. Teachers receive training on deaf awareness and how to use technology and teaching strategies to best support deaf learners to optimise progress and wellbeing. Teachers showcase our inclusive approach and across the year, there have been a number of deaf aware events. This has included signed songs in assemblies; learning the national anthem for the Jubilee in BSL; class presentations on the ear and videos from our deaf pupils seen in every class, as part of deaf awareness week. We also have a BSL club in the school, to promote inclusion of the deaf community here at Weston All Saints C of E Primary School.

The Team

The HIRB is staffed by one Teacher of the Deaf and several Learning Support Assistants, who are trained in deaf awareness. One of our LSAs has Level 3 BSL and another has extensive expertise in supporting language development. Staff undertake professional development to build skills to support our deaf learners. The HIRB works in partnership with other professionals in the field and region to ensure up-to-date practice and opportunities for positive growth are always at the forefront of our development aims.


If you would like to find out any more information, please do contact our Teacher of the Deaf, Becky Shewell, via the school office email