Year Groups

We have fun lessons.
We’re kind to others.
You can make lots of friends in our school.
We have scrumptious dinners.
You get certificates for doing good things.
We have a cool hobbit house.

— Year 1

The Puzzle of the Week is Back!

Caretaker Maths – Help please…

You are required to help the school caretaker solve a problem: he has been asked to plant 10 trees in five rows, so that each row contains 4 trees.
How would they do it?

For this problem you could find everyday objects to act as markers, to help you mark out the problem.

Write your answer down on a piece of paper, title it, name it (put your class name too!), date it and hand it in to your class teacher.

We hope you will enjoy seeing some of the things we have been learning in our classes. Please click on the links to the left to visit the year group of your choice.