Spring Concert

We recently held a Spring Concert where we hosted a wide range of acts, from street dancing to violinists. The quality of all performances was excellent and there were a few tears in the audience as parents were genuinely moved by the talent and skills of our pupils.

The Stinger

Mrs Bull’s writing group have a brand new challenge – to research, write and publish articles about school life. Each term they are to update the life of the school for us all to enjoy.
So far two pages have been completed but we hope their will be more very soon. Click below to read them!

Class 3E page     Class 4CH Page

Mid-Somerset Festival 2013

‘Dear Mrs Bull,
Many congratulations on the excellent results from WASPS; praise must not only go to the students but to the wonderful teachers who inspire them.
In Class 133, Sarah Bebbington took first prize and was awarded Outstanding and a mark of 90, while Daisy came third (Distinction 87).
Many thanks for your support.

Best wishes,
Jane Riekemann’

WASPS gym competition.

In March WASPS entered an interschool gymnastics competition, held at Baskervilles. WASPS pupils excelled themselves winning the overall best school category, with many pupils achieving numerous individual gold medals.

Glass Light Catchers

Children from Year 4 and 6 designed glass light catchers. Using stickers and tape areas on the glass were masked off before sandblasting. The stickers were then washed off leaving their imprint behind.

Royal United Hospital Project

The RUH is having a new pathology laboratory built. Children from Years 2, 4, 5 and 6 have worked on three murals from WASPS. The murals are now in place at the RUH. Seven children went along to the unveiling of the paintings on 05 February 2013.

School Opening with H.R.H. The Duchess of Gloucester

Olympic banners and torches with our very own Mrs Reid as one of the torch bearers

Story Logs Project

Welcoming Mrs Bull back to school after she was awarded
the Head Teacher of the Year Award


WASPS’ very own badger family has been recorded using a night camera. So far we have seen three badgers as well as a fox and a cat walking past the sett. The night camera was purchased using money kindly donated by Year 3 parents.

Badgers in the Snow

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