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At WASPS we have great facilities like our adventure playground.

— Max
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Parents’ views are important to us!

Thank you so much for such a fantastic response to our Parents’ Questionnaire that we asked you to complete after every Class Assembly that we held at Weston All Saints Church. We had 324 responses and the results are below (rounded to the nearest whole %):


WASPS is well led.

Yes – 99%
No – 1%

WASPS children are taught to be considerate and respectful of others, knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Yes – 100%
No – 0%

In general my child is taught well at WASPS and I am happy with the progress he/she is making.

Yes – 99%
No – 1%

Following this class assembly, I now know what my child’s class Christian Value is. I agree that the school promotes Christian values well.100% 0%

Yes – 100%
No – 0%

My child feels safe at WASPS

Yes – 100%
No – 0%

We also asked for any additional comments and we’ve split these into those which are wholly positive, of which there were 107 and those which included some element of constructive feedback or criticism, of which there were 24 and we have responded to them either directly, through PTA meetings, P/T consultations or Parent Year Group Councils. Please find a selection of comments on the attachment.

We’re really keen on hearing the views of parents so we’re giving out questionnaires after class assemblies. These are the results so far, and we’ll update them as we go through the year.

In a recent survey of parents of Year Two children, the following responses were gathered (56 respondents):

“Good local history and something for everyone”

“Year 2 has brought out a great deal of confidence in my child and I feel happy about the transition into Year 3.”

In a recent survey of parents of Year One children, the following responses were gathered (12 respondents):

Do you feel that your child has had a good learning experience through the topic of the seaside?

Yes – 100%
No – 0%

Do you feel that the school trip to Weston-Super-Mare was good value both educationally and for money?

Yes – 100%
No – 0%

Is there anything that you would like to comment on regarding your child’s learning experience at the end of Year 1?
12 responses, 3 left blank.
The 9 comments, including one suggestion, were as follows:

  • My daughter absolutely loved the trip

  • The school trips are an excellent part of the children’s learning here at WASPS

  • My daughter has been brimming with enthusiasm; she had a good first year and was helped to fit in

  • My child has enjoyed the year and found it more of a challenge than Reception which has been good for her

  • He enjoys school which is brilliant and we can see the progress he’s making

  • Very pleased with progress

  • We’ve had a brilliant year. Excellent teaching, good communication, kind teachers, excellent progression! Thank you!

  • Just very happy with his whole experience

The one suggestion was: more teacher/pupil 1 on 1 reading.

Our response to this is that all our children in Year 1 read 1 to 1 with an adult very regularly. We encourage families to supplement this by reading at home several times a week. If any of you are concerned specifically about your child’s reading, we would urge you to make an appointment to talk to your child’s class teacher about it.

In a recent survey of parents of Year 5 children, the following responses were gathered (27 respondents):

Do you feel our topic work this term on the Isle of Wight has been a positive learning experience for your child?

Yes – 100%
No – 0%

Did your child feel safe, comfortable and well cared for on our trip to the Isle of Wight?

Yes – 100%
No – 0%

Asked what other comments parents would like to make about their child’s learning experience in Year 5, 22% made no comment.
From the 21 parents who did comment, their responses were exclusively positive and appreciative, amongst them:

  • Our daughter has had a super year and we are vey appreciative of all the hard work and efforts from all the Y5 staff who have taught her.
  • I’ve thought it is perfect!
  • A very happy and positive year.
  • Thank you so much for all of your hard work this year. We have really valued the high level of care, love and great education our child has received.
  • An excellent trip – and healthy too. One of the best at WASPS, I think.

In a recent survey of parents of Reception children, the following responses were gathered (49 respondents):

Has your child settled happily into school?

Yes – 96%
No – 0%
Still a little unsettled – 4%

Do you feel you know enough about how your child is progressing in school?

Yes – 96%
No – 4%

Asked what improvements could be made, 74% made no comment
Of the 13 parents who made suggestions, the majority requested communication about specific activities by email.
One or two parents requested further Reading / Phonics guidance (1 parent), longer parent-teacher interviews (2 parents), a Home-School Diary (1 parent) and further improvements to school meals (2 parents).

In response to this feedback, we have:

  • provided an Education Evening explaining to parents how we use Read Write Inc across the school and outlining the strategies we use to help develop reading skills;
  • improved our school website with regular updates of the children’s progress, including photographs and comments from individual children;
  • extended parent-teacher interviews during the summer term to allow more time for parents to discuss their child’s progress and identify next steps ready for the transition into Year One;
  • invited parents to join the School Meals Action Group (SMAG) meeting to contribute ideas and share their thoughts regarding school meals.

In a recent survey of parents of Year Four children, the following responses were gathered (34 respondents):

Do you feel that our topic work on Castles and Bridges has been a positive learning experience for your child?

Yes – 97%
Yes, at times – 3% (1 child, comment: prefers castles to bridges)
No – 0%

Did your child feel safe, comfortable and well-cared for on our recent trip to St Briavel’s?

Yes – 91%
No – 9% (1 said ‘felt rushed at times’, the other 2 made no comment)

Are there any other comments you would like to give about your child’s learning experience in Year 4 so far?

24 responses, 10 left blank.
Of the 24 responses, comments were as follows:
Positive/thanks – 88%
Homework too easy 8% (2 pupils)
Suggestion of using more mixed media 4% (1 parent)

In response to these suggestions:

a. One of our future projects will be based on digital photography
b. We will look at implementing three ability groupings for spellings in Year 4, in the next term if it can be accommodated in the timetable. If not, then this will be incorporated in the new school year.

Some of the positive comments received from parents were:

  • “Excellent links made between learning in class and opportunities to experience things in real life.”
  • “I have been very impressed by the way that [name] has grown as a learner this year and has grown in confidence.”
  • “The Year 4 learning experience has been absolutely fantastic – thank you!”

We value parental feedback and will be approaching other year-groups in the coming months.